Top Qualities for a Cosmetics Testing Lab

When it comes to “sensitive” products, nothing fits the description better than cosmetics - in more ways than one!

Because of this, cosmetic products, at every stage of production, and throughout quality and safety testing, must be handled by personnel with proven expertise in: 1) product science 2) national and international regulations, and 3) consumer expectations for ethical standards throughout the industry.

How to Choose a Reputable Testing Lab

Most cosmetics companies aren't sure whom to trust. When choosing a testing lab for your cosmetic products, you must make sure that it excels in all the following aspects:

Organization and Consistency

Lab organization can never be taken for granted. A well-organized lab begins with a technique-oriented management team who can train and monitor their staff. As well, factory line sampling, sample delivery, and testing should be coordinated to ensure accurate testing results in as short a timeframe as possible. The ability to perform every testing methods on any given product begins at the top and is instilled in every lab technician. Choose a properly managed lab, and you never have to worry about test results getting mixed up, or wonder whether the samples were really collected from your product batch without the risk of being doctored by the factory manager.

Up-to-Date Scientific Knowledge

At the end of the day, all cosmetics, even natural ones, are chemical compounds - ones that your consumers will apply to their bare skin, on their lips, around their eyes, or to the body of their developing infant. Indeed, products like these are the very definition of sensitive! This is why you want your chosen lab’s personnel to be highly qualified, with a thorough understanding of chemistry, microbiology, and endocrinology, as well as an interest in new safety data and the development of safer, more environmentally friendly chemical alternatives.

Ethics and Integrity

In far-reaching cosmetics supply chains, where raw materials and finished products can travel halfway across the world, it is more important than ever to have a testing partner you can rely on. The best way to ensure this is to choose a testing lab which has no links to suppliers or sourcing, their only interest being in the accuracy of their tests and the safety of your product.

Investment in Every Client

In an assembly line, speed and standardization are the main concerns - but a testing lab must keep your individual concerns and interests in mind. What you bring to the cosmetics Industry is unique to the market, inimitable and valuable to customers worldwide. That same individual care should be taken by a testing service so that your brand can maintain its one-of-a-kind spirit.

Helping You Move Forward

QIMA is more than just a "by the numbers" lab testing service. We offer solutions to your production challenges at every stage of development, from quality assurance assistance to factory floor inspections, as well as ethical and environmental compliance audits.

We provide worldwide lab coverage, with global footprint in Asia, Europe and Americas, and staffed with experts who specialize in your particular product - right down to the science.

Our organized - and individualized - approach will guarantee you the fastest, most accurate lab testing results, which will translate into quick, confident market delivery of your cosmetic products - in any country, against all safety and ethical regulations.

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