Intelligent Quality Platform

All your quality and compliance processes organized in one intuitive interface, accessible from all of your devices.

Supply Chain Data That’s Easy to Act On

A faulty product batch has earned you some one-star reviews, consumers are bombarding your social media pages with questions on your sourcing ethics, and a new product safety regulation has just been passed in one of your major markets. This is shaping up to be a difficult Monday.

Indeed, there’s no end to the surprises that your global supply chain can throw at you on any given day – and if you want to rise to the challenge, you need the ability to make informed decisions, fast. Imagine that, with just a few clicks, you can zero in on the product defect that soured your latest shipment and see if the current problem is a blip on the radar or the tip of the iceberg. Need to see how your sourcing is doing in terms of ethics and sustainability? Just zoom in on any individual supplier, factory or country you’re sourcing from. And if you’re adjusting your QC or testing program to comply with the latest product regulations, it only takes a moment to roll out the new protocols throughout your ecosystem.

Too good to be true? Not at all. With QIMA’s Intelligent Quality Platform, you can easily refine mountains of data into nuggets of insight, make informed decisions, and instantly take action on your quality, compliance and ethics in your supply chain.

Mission Control for Your Quality and Compliance

Our Intelligent Quality Platform offers you the data to make meaningful decisions for product quality and compliance, and the tools to take action:

  • Get high-level and granular real-time data with ease, via our Dashboard, endlessly customizable to suit your needs
  • Manage your inspection, audit and testing protocols, creating your specifications from scratch or choosing from thousands of off-the-shelf options
  • Easily schedule QC and compliance services from desktop and mobile devices, with instant price quotes and detailed guidance during the booking process