Real Time Custom Quality Dashboard

Get meaningful custom KPIs real-time in your QIMA account, so you can take informed decisions about your supply chain quality.

At Last, KPI Dashboards That Make Sense

As our inspectors, auditors and lab technicians perform the services for you, all relevant data is fed directly into your dashboard of KPIs, giving you real-time, accurate data about your product quality and compliance. Take a bird’s eye view of your supply chain and see the latest trends in your sourcing – then take a deep dive and zoom in to individual factories, product defects and test results. Instantly identify your quality and compliance hotspots and choose from dozens of checkpoints to put under the microscope.

Monitor and Benchmark Your Suppliers

In data, context is everything: so we give you an easy way to benchmark all of your supplier KPIs against your own portfolio and your chosen industry.

  • See your product quality trending over time, and how it compares to your own historical average, and your industry
  • In just a few clicks, check how a specific supplier measures up against the rest, so you can prioritize your best partners and weed out underperformers.
  • Monitor your suppliers’ ethical scores to identify long-term improvement or deterioration
  • Never miss a follow-up audit with our real-time audit status reports

Customize Your Dashboard

Our customization options border on endless, so you can truly make the QIMA dashboard your dashboard. Set up your starting page with custom snapshots highlighting the areas you want to focus on: whether you want to track manufacturing issues, keep an eye on audit scores, or track specific supplier KPIs.

Need to go deeper? Use the detailed filters to get the exact data you need, build a report that makes the most sense to you, and export it in your chosen format. It’s your data – so we do everything to make it work for you.