Create Value With a Comprehensive Testing Strategy

Certification schemes designed for specific country’s markets and product types require a whole series of specific quality tests, which generally focus on safety and environmental protection, but also can be aimed at elevating a certain country’s reputation as a world class products market, as in the case of Saudi Arabia’s SASO CoC.

These tests are mandatory and require accredited Third-Party testing verification as part of the certification process. You are certainly aware that compliance is necessary, but as a forward-thinking business, you want to go even further.

Establishing Standards That Bring Out the Best in Your Product

Once you have established what tests your products need to achieve all relevant certifications, your next consideration is: what quality standards do you choose to test your product against? Your choice of tests may be based on specific customer demands, and/or the qualities, features and functionalities you want to attach to your product--and ultimately, your brand.

For example, a pair of sunglasses may not require polarized lenses - but perhaps you are in the business of bringing the best polarized eyewear to the market. Choosing the right testing methods for cutting-edge quality is an expression of your product and your brand’s identity, and it justifies the extra cost that a consumer is willing to pay for products that don’t just pass the test, but set the standard.

Between product certification and your own performance quality standards, the battery of necessary tests can seem overwhelming. The answer to that problem lies in a unified testing strategy and collaboration with a Lab Testing and Inspection Service, one that is both accredited to issue market-specific certifications and experienced in testing a wide range of products against valid, industry-proven performance specifications.

The quickest route to your designated market is through a testing strategy that values organization and the shortest possible turnaround time from placing a test or inspection order to receiving verified results.

Test Organization

The best time to establish your testing strategy is during the design phase of production. QIMA's Quality Assurance service will help your company develop a testing schedule that will ensure no requirement is missed and no costly testing redundancies are created.

Rapid Turnaround Time

An indispensable asset for fast, reliable market access is minimal wait time on all lab tests, inspections, documented results and issued certifications. QIMA's testing programs combine flexibility and global coverage with unparalleled product expertise:

  • An industry-specific QIMA inspector can be at your factory within 48 hours.
  • Comprehensive Inspection Reports delivered on same day as inspection 80% of the time.
  • Lab samples collected properly and quickly delivered to either a QIMA in-house lab or one of our global prefered partners.
  • All certification measures can be incorporated into your quality control scheme, minimizing wait times.
  • When required, documents such as the SASO CoC will be issued in the product’s country of origin to streamline any customs clearance procedures.

Getting maximum value from your testing budget means eliminating testing redundancies and avoiding piecemeal scheduling with various testing services that can cause costly production delays.

Furthermore, collaborating with an accredited testing service at the design stage will help you avoid even more costly mistakes, like a missed certification test that can jeopardize your whole production line--and your brand reputation.

And finally, streamlining the certification process with the highest quality performance standard testing available will help position your product at the top of its industry, no matter the market.

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