Quality Standards

We use the internationally recognized Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) standard for all product inspections. Clients can set their Acceptable Quality Tolerance level for each inspection and QIMA will provide results as within or beyond AQL.

Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL)

In performing sampling inspection, QIMA inspectors follow the ISO 2859 standard and the tables provided by it. This document, published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is an international standard with equivalents in all national regulations (ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, NF06-022, BS 6001, DIN 40080).

AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) Sampling is a method widely used to define a production order sample to determine if the entire product order has met the client's specifications. Based on the sampling data, AQL standard can help the customer can make an informed decision to accept or reject the lot.

Your inspection report will clearly state whether your production has passed or failed your selected Acceptable Quality Tolerance level.

How do I determine the right sample size and acceptance number?

Our experts will help guide you to ensure that you choose the inspection level and AQL values that best suit your needs.

Test out your product inspection AQL using our sampling calculation tool. Here is a scenario we’ve come up with to help you understand how it works.

You have a inspection to carry out for 4000 pieces of face masks, the client has selected a normal inspection - level II and AQL and 2.5. Go head to input and select the fields in red

Quantity: 4000
Inspection level: General Inspection II
AQL: 2.5

AQL Sampling Simulator

Inspection Level:
CRITICAL defects
MAJOR defects
MINOR defects
Select AQL:
Sample Size: 200 units
Accept Point: 0
Reject Point: 0
Select AQL:
Sample Size: 200 units
Accept Point: 10
Reject Point: 11
Select AQL:
Sample Size: 200 units
Accept Point: 14
Reject Point: 15

Table A

Find the respective Lot Size (quantity) and general inspection level: Code letter L
Note: AQL tables below are based on ANSI/ASQ Standard Z1.4 – 2008

Acceptable Quality Limit - Sample Size Code Letters

Table B

Locate Row L (this is the required sample size of 200)
Complying with AQL 2.5, no more than 10 units from that sample size can fail the inspection.

Acceptable Quality Limit - Single Sampling Plans for Normal Inspection

Now, you can go ahead to simulate your next sampling inspection:

  1. Enter your shipment lot quantity
  2. Select General/Special inspection level
  3. Select AQL for all defects (critical, major, minor)
  4. Refer to Table A and B below to see the impact on inspected quantities and accepted defects