GS Certification and GS Mark

QIMA, through Hansecontrol, offers GS (“Tested Safety”) certification for a variety of consumer goods, including electrical and electronics products, toys, furniture and sporting goods.

GS Certification and GS Mark

The GS Mark, which stands for Geprüfte Sicherheit ("Tested Safety") is a voluntary certification scheme for technical equipment. Awarding of the GS Mark means that the product meets the quality and safety requirements set out in the German Product Safety Act and, if applicable, relevant European safety standards. Moreover, the GS Mark certification requirements exceed those of the mandatory CE mark and the EN standard – meaning that products awarded the GS Mark exceed the required legal requirements for safety.

Although the GS Mark was initially designed for the German market, it is now a worldwide recognized mark of quality and safety, and communicates to your customers that your product adheres to the highest standards.

QIMA, though Hansecontrol, is authorized to conduct relevant testing and award the GS mark for the following product groups:

  • Electrical products (with and without heating)

  • Electrical products with food contact

  • Products with skin contact

  • Lights/lamps

  • Power supplies

  • Battery chargers

  • Audio, video and similar electronic devices and equipment

  • Bicycles and accessories

  • Sports and leisure articles

  • Toys

  • Wheeled child conveyances

  • Items for infants and young children

  • Outdoor products

  • Suitcases and bags

  • Furniture

  • Step stools

  • Hand-driven power tools, including cleaning equipment (without motor)

  • Hand-driven garden tools (without motor)

How GS Mark is Awarded

In order to test whether your product meets the requirements for the GS Mark, our certification lab, accredited as a testing authority by the Zentralstelle der Länder für Sicherheitstechnik (ZLS), will conduct the following checks:

  • Product prototype tests

  • Tests of compliance with all legal requirements

  • Manufacturing site inspection and product monitoring

  • Production inspection of the series sample up to the prototype

If the testing process confirms your product’s compliance with all relevant requirements, it will be issued a GS Certificate, and awarded the GS Mark (valid for five years).

You will have the option to include a QR code on your GS Mark, allowing your consumers to easily view your product’s GS certificate using their smartphone.

Why Do You Need GS Mark Certification?

  • Demonstrate product safety and quality above and beyond the legal requirements

  • Secure access to the German and EU market

  • Improve your brand’s standing globally

  • Give your consumers confidence in your product

  • Minimize risk of product liability

  • Gain a competitive edge

Why Choose QIMA-Hansecontrol for GS Mark Certification

  • A certification team with over 35 years of experience

  • Professional auditors and inspectors with expertise in all areas of quality and safety specific to electrical and technical equipment

  • Expert advice by technical experts and electrical engineers

  • Trusted by 3,000+ clients with global consumer product supply chains

  • Global reach: our team of 2,500+ qualified inspectors and auditors performs services in 85 countries