Product Compliance

Count on us to help you get your product just right – from the drawing board to the shelf.

Products That Put Your Best Foot Forward

For the modern-day consumer, it has never been easier to switch brands or stores. The opportunity cost is minimal and so is the effort – sometimes, all it takes is a few clicks. So when you get your product on the physical or virtual shelf, you’d better be sure that it’s in top shape. That means hazard-busting design, manufacturing up to spec, no banned substances and all the right certifications.

Enter QIMA Product Compliance solutions – a suite of services that help you get your product just right, every time and every step of the way.

Full Life Cycle Solutions

What do we mean when we say “product compliance”? To us at QIMA, this term stands for excellence and safety of your product at every stage of its lifecycle:

  • Product design with the safety net of Quality Assurance programs tailor-made for you
  • Manufacturing kept on point with onsite Product Inspections carried out by a dedicated team, with comprehensive same-day reports and live video footage
  • Regulatory compliance with your chosen market’s standards and requirements, ensured with Testing Programs designed by industry experts and PhDs and conducted in our fully accredited laboratories. When your destination calls for it, we provide the necessary certifications to confirm your product’s compliance with the relevant national standards and programs (including SASO certificates for exports to Saudi Arabia)