Video Inspections

Want to take a hands-on approach to your product inspection, but can’t make it down to the factory? Try our video inspection service!

Live Footage from the Factory Floor

Meet the next best thing to being physically present at the factory during the inspection of your products. With QIMA’s video inspections option, you can watch as the inspector completes each section of your inspection protocol.

Video comes on top of our classic detailed and fully illustrated inspection report: not only do you get a complete overview of quality checks and defects found – but you can watch your products being inspected. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – well, a video is worth even more than that!

Easily Book Videos Online

Video is an add-on option to our standard inspection process. You can easily opt in during the booking of your order and ask that the inspector proceeds with the footage of your inspection: the video follows a standard process to result in a ~2 minutes-film edited to show you the different steps of the inspection.

You will receive a link to access your video right after the inspection, along with your complete inspection report.