Checklists and Standards Management

Your product is one of a kind – and with QIMA’s fully customizable inspection checklists, testing programs and audits protocols, you can strike a perfect balance between unique design and standardized procedure.

Your Product, Your Specs, Your Way

No-one knows your product better than you do, so when it comes to quality control, we put you in charge. With our inspection checklists, you can choose from the many off-the-shelf QC protocols options for your industry, or make one from scratch. Should your requirements change, the new protocols will be instantly communicated to our team, and our inspectors will always be up to date on your specs.

A Testing Program That Suits You

Leave product recalls in the past, and never worry about being turned away at the border. QIMA’s lab testing programs are designed to ensure that your product meets your destination market’s standards – wherever your shipment is headed. Choose from our online lab tests library to set up a testing program that works for your products and your markets and receive guidance from our product safety engineers to customize testing packages that address your requirements.

Select the Right Auditing Framework

Setting up a supplier audit program in your supply chain? QIMA is approved to conduct audits against the most widely accepted auditing frameworks – and you can easily book and setup your instructions online. Our Audits experts assist you in deploying the right processes, from audit preparation to corrective action planning and you manage all of it from the convenience of your online account.

Expert Help Always Available

If you’re having trouble deciding on the most suitable specs for your new product, feel overwhelmed by the endless product safety regulations or are not sure what audit protocol is the most suitable for your product line, we’re always here to lend a hand. Our expert teams and your dedicated account manager will help you navigate any product quality or supplier compliance issues you may be having.