In Dec. 2018 AsiaInspection has become QIMA

Much as we loved the name AsiaInspection, which has become synonymous with innovation and service excellence in our industry, we came to the realization that we had grown beyond it.

After all, we are now present well beyond Asia, and offer a full range of technology-enabled quality control and compliance solutions beyond just onsite inspections. From supplier audits and improvement programs to lab testing and product safety expertise, our platform connects your supply chain network to improve overall quality and compliance.

With this in mind, we have decided to reposition our brand, with a new name and logo.


We wanted a short, memorable new name to reflect our focus on delivering easy-to-use and innovative solutions, enabled by technology.

The name QIMA relates to our core expertise as it is derived from "Quality Inspection MAnagement". It also has meaning in several languages. It translates to Chinese as 启迈 - qǐ: inspire, start up and mài: take a step forward. In Arabic, it stands for "value" and in Greek, it means "wave", evoking the simplicity, fluidity, and evolution that our brand stands for.

We can’t wait to share the future of QIMA with you!