Why Is Laboratory Testing So Important?

The obvious answer to this question is that different countries place different compliance requirements on various products, based on the evolving concerns for consumer and supply chain health and safety, environmental protection, and ethical sourcing.

Yet regardless of whether certain quality standard tests are considered “mandatory” or “voluntary” by your specified market, laboratory testing is important for the benefit of your consumers and your brand because you want to ensure the highest quality product possible reaches the public.

That said, your consumer product simply cannot be sold if it doesn’t comply with all market regulations. If you don’t have a full understanding of your market’s requirements for your particular product, it will only be a matter of time before it falls out of compliance and into recall status.

Here are some appropriate actions to consider as you begin the process of compliance testing.

Determining Compliance Requirements For Your Product

An initial search of relevant government websites can provide you with pertinent information about which compliance standards are applicable and how you should proceed with all relevant certifications, registrations, labelling, etc.

However, even at this initial stage, you can run into a number of issues, such as:

  • Difficult to understand technical details.
  • Ambiguity in determining which exact standards apply to your specific product.
  • Inaccurate translations of foreign standards into your language, especially for countries like China and Saudi Arabia.
  • More detail and updates than you can keep track of.

Seeking advice from an Accredited Third-Party Lab Testing Service with experience in your industry and market will give you a clear understanding about all testing and labelling requirements for your product.

Taking Responsibility For All Testing

Unfortunately, it is the norm for overseas suppliers to cut corners whenever convenient for their bottom line; and too often they get away with it because they are not held accountable by verifiable third-party testing.

Meanwhile, as the brand or importer, you will be held accountable both for any initial compliance failures and for subsequent failures, which may be discovered in the course of compliance checks by government authorities conducted after your product has made its market.

Therefore, taking supplier-provided testing records at face value and applying them directly as proof of compliance is not in your best interests. Your supplier easily could have misunderstood the relevant product requirements; hired a testing service that has been bribed to skew test results; or has provided an otherwise reputable testing service with “perfect" samples that didn’t come directly from the factory floor but were prepared for test purposes.

To have peace of mind as you prepare your product for market, you want to ensure that all your lab testing requirements are covered and there is no doubt as to the integrity of the testing results. To that end, your best option is contacting your prefered service that keeps your values in mind.

Choosing The Right Lab Service

In your choice of the best lab testing service, you should follow the three basic criteria:

  1. Are they fully accredited in the United States and the European Union?
  2. Do they have direct testing experience in your industry and with your product category?
  3. Do they operate accredited testing labs in Hong Kong and mainland China?

QIMA not only meets these qualifications, but has established a reputation throughout the product testing and inspection community as a leading service provider over a broad range of industries, through every phase of production--from QA Design assistance to Pre-Shipment Inspections.

With a combination of laboratory facilities and on-the-spot factory inspections, QIMA can ensure that the required amount of authentic samples are delivered directly from the production line for testing, with airtight security that leaves no room for doubt as to whether your testing results truly represent your product as a whole.

“Accredited” bodies such as QIMA can only maintain their accreditation status by staying on top of all regulations, exemptions and updates. And before QIMA's accredited labs subject your product to the required testing, they must pass their own set of laboratory management standards established by the government agency that accredited them.

Choosing the right lab testing service for all of your consumer products means never looking back to figure out where a requirement got missed or a testing result got compromised. With QIMA's Lab Testing and Inspection services, your product and your brand will always move forward.

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