Quality Control and Pre-Shipment Inspection: How Big Companies Stay Ahead

What role does a pre shipment inspection (PSI) play in quality control? Learn about how big brands use PSI to stay ahead in their QC.

Do you know why quality control and pre-shipment inspection of products is essential - before the products are dispatched from the factory?

It’s to avoid recalls and reputational damage. Plus, the many other costly impacts of having sub-quality products associated with your company.

In this article, we’ll explain the significance of quality control and pre-shipment inspection as a part of your overall quality control strategy.

Why do Big Companies Need to Check their Product Quality at 80% Production?

In every branch of the world’s consumer market, there’s a quintessential brand which sets the standards for others to follow – one that fosters brand loyalty.

Leading companies achieve and maintain their superior status with quality control and inspection procedures that ensure their products comply with standards in every country they export to.

As part of these procedures, product quality is inspected at several intervals throughout production.

However, the final check is done when production is 80% complete. Since this is the last opportunity to check products for defects before they leave the factory, the pre-shipment inspection becomes one of enormous importance.

What is the relationship between quality control and pre-shipment inspection?

Your company’s overall quality control strategy should include the critical step of pre-shipment inspection.

By including the quality control measure of pre-shipment inspection, you ensure that your product quality is checked before it’s dispatched.

Strategically, this helps to ensure that the products meet your company’s quality standards while they are still in production, in order to avoid paying for defective goods.

In addition, it can mitigate expensive importing risks, the number of products returned, and a tarnished brand image.

How Pre-shipment Inspections Work

Inspectors from an independent third-party inspection agency perform pre-shipment inspections at the factory when production is at least 80% complete, and ensure that your shipment complies with the appropriate regulations.

During pre-shipment inspection, inspectors should follow your company’s quality standards and the standards of your destination market.

Inspectors should be checking for:

  • functionality
  • performance
  • durability
  • overall appearance
  • dimensions of the merchandise

By including these 7 Important Steps in a Pre-Shipment Inspection Procedure, inspectors can begin to check both hardlines and softlines to be sure they adhere to the appropriate standards.

How QIMA Can Help

When you use QIMA for your pre-shipment inspections, you get professional inspections that are in accordance with international standards.

Our accredited quality control inspectors have the knowledge and expertise to determine whether your shipment complies with the regulations covering your destination market.

With QIMA’s on-site pre-shipment inspections and fast-track online reporting, you’ll save time and money with the assurance that your products comply with quality control and pre-shipment inspection standards.

Our inspectors can be on-site within 48 hours and provide same-day inspection reports.

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