amfori QMI audits

QIMA is in the very first batch of approved auditing partners to conduct amfori QMI (Quality Management Initiative) and participate in this new standard that aims at improving manufacturing practices and quality management in supply networks.

amfori QMI audits

amfori QMI (Quality Management Initiative) service is now available to amfori members who are committed to offer professional guidance and assessment tools for manufacturing practice and quality management in the production sites, with a common standard aiming to reduce costs, efforts in qualifications and assessments. As an approved provider of amfori QMI audits, QIMA offers comprehensive audit programs to brands and retailers sourcing in China. With quality inspection being QIMA’s legacy service and expertise, QIMA is also approved to audit for other amfori initiative including amfori BSCI.

Our qualified auditors will verify the compliance of your supplier’s facilities with all requirements of the amfori QMI assessment tool including:

  • Production capacity

  • Technical competence

  • Testing capacity

What is an amfori QMI Audit?

amfori QMI (Quality Management Initiative) was launched in Q1 2022 and provides a set of standardized quick scan tools that enable companies to drive quality management and capability improvements in their supply chain and to trade with purpose. The initiative was started following a successful pilot program in China supported by amfori Members partnering with German Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong.

amfori QMI was established in response to amfori members’ needs for an integrated strategic approach addressing global buyers’ challenges on duplication of auditing efforts, waste of resources and inconsistent assessments and confusion.

An audit to ensure compliance with the amfori QMI assessment tools must be conducted by an approved amfori QMI Service Provider and involves thorough on-site assessment of supplier facilities by professional technical auditors.

Why perform an amfori QMI audit? - Sustainable supply Chain benefits chart

amfori Member / BuyerProducer / Factory
  • Reduce overall resources towards producers’ assessment and avoid duplication of factory audits

  • Integrated approach of managing
    sustainable buyer-supplier relationship in a holistic manner – amfori’s one-stop platform

  • Use this common standard to benchmark and identify sustainable producers

  • Strategic and multi-dimensional monitoring of multiple producers’ quality management capability

  • Avoid audit fatigue and reduce audit costs

  • Effective management of multiple audits with one common auditing tool via amfori that links to visible return-on-investment (ROI)

  • Continuous improvement in quality management capability for sustainable production

  • Build and maintain customer retention, trust, and satisfaction

The QIMA benefits

  • Streamlined audit booking process

  • Faster report issuing

  • Market-leading field knowledge and expertise

  • Deeper data analysis and tech insights to drive KPIs and enhance audit program