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Will Collaborative Intervention Finally End Modern Slavery?

Will Collaborative Intervention Finally End Modern Slavery?

With an estimated 40 million people enslaved worldwide, can collaborative efforts between consumers, governments, brands and NGOs eliminate modern slavery for good?

This White Paper will give you insights about:

  • The current state of modern slavery including its multiple forms and the many misconceptions around the practice
  • The impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on forced labor worldwide
  • How consumer awareness and new legislation are driving a sea change for human rights in supply chains
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Consumer Awareness of Modern Slavery in Supply Chains

Every year consumers become more aware of human rights abuse and slavery in supply chains. Failure to ensure social responsibility in your supply chain can cause brand value destruction, class action law suits, and with recent legislation, fines and jail time. Understanding the current status of the slavery-free movement and how to manage your slavery-free supply chain is essential to securing an ethical supply chain and garnering brand loyalty.

Why download this whitepaper:

  • Get up to speed with where we are today and understand the many misconceptions about modern slavery.
  • Learn how modern slavery is impacting the decisions of consumers.
  • Understand the latest legislation and movements working to eradicate slavery and how they impact brands.
  • Learn ways you can ensure your supply chain is slavery free.

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