Testing of Small Electrical and Communications Products

QIMA offers laboratory testing services for a wide range of electrical and electronic products, including small electronics and communication devices to help you meet regulatory requirements and achieve product compliance.

QC Tailored for the Small Electrical and Communications Product Industry

Ensure your products meet the requirements of your destination market.

QIMA specializes in helping manufacturers and retailers bring their products to market faster by providing expert quality, safety, and compliance testing. Our physical, mechanical and laboratory tests are tailored specifically to small electrical and communications products such as blenders, fans, and gaming controllers (see more below).

Small Electrical and Communications Testing Requirements

Our accredited and internationally active laboratories help you get the tests you need when and where you need them. QIMA laboratories offer testing for the following electrical and communications product requirements:

  • Electrical safety (LVD)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/EMI)
  • Conformité Européene (CE) and UKCA Marking
  • EU Low Voltage Directive compliance
  • EU Product Safety Directive compliance
  • EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED) testing
  • Heavy metal analysis (lead, cadmium, mercury, nickel)
  • Luminous Flux and Color Rendering tests for lighting products
  • Plasticizers (phthalates)
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)
  • Product safety testing (/IEC)
  • RoHS testing
  • Toxics in packaging
  • IECEE- CB Scheme
  • Energy Efficiency Verification (EEV)
  • US California Proposition 65 for Consumer Products
  • More… contact us for a full list

Small Electrical and Communications Testing Expertise

QIMA has global experience testing electrical and communications products across the entire spectrum of standards and regulations. We can tell you whether your product measures up by testing it in accordance with the standards applicable to your destination markets as well as testing against any customer-specific requirements. In addition to testing products ready for series production, we offer tests in preproduction phases to help you catch and correct problems early.

Our network of labs can test a variety of small electrical and communications devices, such as:

  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Blenders
  • Fans
  • Space heaters
  • Personal radio communication devices
  • Electronic games
  • Game controllers
  • USB power supplies

Our laboratory experts use physical and mechanical tests to test the safety, quality, and performance of your electrical and communications products:

  • Durability tests
  • Earth continuity
  • Eco design
  • Frequency checking
  • Hipot test
  • Impedance check
  • Internal construction review
  • IP tests (IP 44, IP X7)
  • Motor rotation speed measurement
  • Noise level measurement
  • Power consumption
  • Power cord pull test
  • Product function/performance test
  • Product parameter check
  • Sensory analysis
  • Signal-to-noise ratio
  • Stability test
  • Waterproof test
  • Working current/voltage check
  • Working distance for wireless device
  • Workmanship review
  • Other tests according to customer programs or predetermined rule

Certifications for the Small Electrical and Communications Product Industry

QIMA also offers certification for a wide range of electrical and communications products, helping you demonstrate superior product quality and safety to your consumers. Below are some of the services you may choose from:

Why QIMA for Product and Supplier Compliance?

The QIMA Benefits

  • A network of global labs providing one-stop service to you and your suppliers
  • Industry leading turnaround time for testing 
  • Testing capabilities covering a wide range of consumer products including electrical & electronics, hardlines, softlines, toys and juvenile products
  • Lab experts trained and certified in regulatory standards and the newest testing methods
  • Global technical support team with rich experience to help you build tailor-made testing programs
  • Easy online and mobile booking and dashboard for managing orders and accessing data anywhere, any time