Phthalate Testing

QIMA provides comprehensive phthalate testing services, ensuring your products comply with stringent global safety standards. Discover our tailored solutions for assessing phthalates in a wide range of consumer goods.

Phthalates Testing for Safety & Compliance

Phthalates testing safeguards your products against harmful chemical content and ensures compliance with stringent safety standards. At QIMA, we understand the critical importance of consumer health, particularly in products like toys, personal care items, and household goods that are frequently in close contact with users.

Our phthalates testing service helps you detect and measure the presence of these potentially hazardous chemicals, providing you with the confidence that your products are not only safe but also fully compliant with international safety regulations.

Phthalate Testing Lab Services

Our phthalates testing involves advanced analytical methods, ensuring precise detection and quantification of phthalates. With experience across a wide variety of industries and regions, our team of lab experts can help you determine which tests you need based on your product type and destination market.

We offer phthalates testing for the following product categories:

  • Toys and other recreational items
  • Childcare and other juvenile products
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Textiles
  • Food contact items
  • Packaging
  • Personal care products
  • And more

Navigating Global Phthalates Regulations with QIMA

QIMA's expert guidance and global network of phthalate testing labs turn the complexity of compliance into a straightforward path for your products.

We help you achieve compliance with a variety of standards and regulations governing the presence of phthalates in consumer products, including but not limited to:

International Requirements

  • ISO 16181:2011 (Footwear)

EU Requirements

  • RoHS (Electrical and electronic equipment)
  • EN 14372 (Child use and care articles)
  • EN 15777 (Textiles)
  • EEC Directive 2005/84/EEC (Toys and childcare articles)
  • Regulation (EU) 10/2011 (Food contact plastics)

US Requirements

Asia Requirements

  • Japan Toy Safety Standard (Toys)
  • Chinese GB 6675 Standard (Toys and childcare articles)
  • Korean Safety Standards for Children's Products (Toys and childcare articles)


  • Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) (Children’s toys)

The QIMA Benefits

QIMA stands as a leader in chemical testing, offering comprehensive phthalates analysis. Our global laboratory presence, combined with local expertise, ensures that your products meet both international and region-specific standards.

Our expertise in phthalates testing is supported by:

  • A network of global labs providing one-stop service to you and your suppliers
  • Industry-leading turnaround time for testing
  • Testing capabilities covering a wide range of consumer products including electrical & electronics, hardlines, softlines, toys, and juvenile products
  • Lab experts trained and certified in regulatory standards and the newest testing methods
  • Global technical support team with rich experience to help you build tailor-made testing programs
  • Easy online and mobile booking and dashboard for managing orders and accessing data anywhere, any time

Join over 30,000 global brands and book your phthalates testing today.

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