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Quick Guide: Quality and Compliance for Amazon Sellers

Quick Guide: Quality and Compliance for Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers have a responsibility to ensure that their products are high quality, safe to use, and meet all regulatory standards of their target market.

This quick guide will give insight on:

  • The current state and growth of Amazon selling
  • Amazon’s product quality and safety expectations
  • Responsibilities of sellers on Amazon
  • Amazon product policies and restricted products
  • How to minimize the risk of defective products
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Quality and Compliance for Amazon Sellers

As the largest online marketplace in the world with nearly 2 million active sellers, Amazon offers many opportunities for businesses to sell their products to a huge audience.

However, it’s not quite as simple as creating an account and getting started. There are often country-specific requirements that products must meet, as well as quality and safety standards that sellers must adhere to.

Whether you’ve been selling on Amazon for years or are just getting started, it pays to thoroughly understand all requirements to avoid any detrimental impacts on your brand and ability to sell on Amazon.

Download this complimentary Quick Guide for an overview of compliance protocols, standards and expectations for selling on Amazon.

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