Eyewear Testing and Inspection

QIMA offers on-site inspection and HOKLAS laboratory services for every kind of eyewear: prescription, fashion, recreational, or PPE. All tests are performed against national and international specifications. The HOKLAS (Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) standards are in compliance with the international ISO/IEC testing standards.

Covering Every Angle

Through a two-tier process for quality assurance (Product Inspections and Lab Testing), including dozens of on-site and laboratory tests performed daily, QIMA looks at all aspects of your eyewear quality, safety, and performance characteristics. From frame durability and lense quality, to product safety, packaging and labeling, we ensure that your product meets your and your market’s standards.

Passing the Eye Test

Our reports compare actual products against your specifications to inform you of any deviations before the products leave the factory floor. We also assess the overall level of organization at the factory, and its willingness to cooperate with the inspection, keeping you apprised of your selected manufacturer’s commitment to quality.

Easily Schedule Your Eyewear Tests Online

Our online platform and mobile application make it easy for you to schedule Eyewear tests and inspections, and receive your results at any time. Book new tests and inspections, view pending orders, and access results from your mobile device. Our online platform provides valuable supply chain insights, including a summary of your QC activity, all of your supplier’s quality stats, industry benchmarking data, and more.

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