Sample Collection

Verify that your products meet your quality standards and specifications with a representative sample selected from your factory.

It’s essential that any samples selected for testing or review are representative of your entire production run so that you can make informed decisions. You can’t always rely on your factory to do this.

QIMA can support your sample collection needs in two ways:

  • As an add-on to an inspection – while at your factory carrying out an inspection, the QIMA inspector collects samples from the production line.
  • As a stand-alone service – we send a QIMA inspector to your factory specifically to collect samples from the production line.

Samples are packed, sealed and sent to your specified address – either the QIMA lab or your own lab for testing, or to your office for review.


  • Fast turnaround with a QIMA inspector onsite at your factory within 48 hours.
  • Global coverage with on the ground presence in 85 countries.
  • Easy online scheduling of services.
  • Impartial service to ensure you test a representative sample, not a sample your factory wants you to test.