Food Service

QIMA offers second- and third-party food safety audits and certification under internationally recognized schemes for businesses in the food service industry, including hotels, restaurants, catering companies, retailers and convenience stores.

Food Service

The definition of the food service industry broadly applies to any business and organization responsible for preparation of meals outside of home. This includes businesses where the preparation of meals is the primary focus, such as restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and catering companies, as well as operations where meals are dispensed in addition to other services provided, as in the case of onsite cafeterias, recreational facilities, and retail stores.

Ensuring food safety is paramount for any operation within the food service industry, as improper handling of food can result in large-scale outbreaks of disease. Certain operations, such as hospital and school cafeterias, face the combined risks of working in a contamination-prone environment and serving vulnerable populations of consumers.

QIMA offers second- and third-party food safety audits and certification under internationally recognized schemes, to help every member of the service industry ensure high standards of food safety, monitor proper food handling practices, and comply with local and international food hygiene regulations.

Food Safety Audits

QIMA offers Food Hygiene (GHP) Audits and Food Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Audits to help brands, retailers and producers ensure compliance throughout their food supply chain and improve quality management systems.

Food Hygiene (GHP) Audits

QIMA Food Hygiene Audits are designed to ensure that your supply chain, including your food suppliers and food servicing facilities, abides to international requirements on hygiene and/or your own HACCP plan.

Food Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Audits

Knowing where your in-plant deficiencies lie is the first step for improving and enhancing your food safety and quality programs. Developed specifically for food processors, our GMP Food Safety audits provide you with data to improve your food safety and quality systems.

Certifications for the Food Service Industry

We provide certification based on internationally recognized schemes for food safety, including HACCP.

Food Supply Chain Management

We help you manage and organize your supply chain by providing the following services: