How an ISO 14001 Audit Measures Environmental Performance

An ISO 14001 audit is an environmental audit that can raise your supply chain and your company's performance. Find out how ISO 14001 can improve your business!

"It will pay to remember that your ISO 14001 certification audit is not only a paper exercise, but you will be judged on what you say and the knowledge that you show." -- John Nolan, 14001 Academy

Every day the spotlight grows brighter on a company's environmental practices. Customers are putting more pressure on companies, expecting them to conform to environmental standards, such as ISO 14001.

In turn, companies put more pressure on their suppliers to undergo ISO 14001 audits.

In this article, we'll explain how an ISO 14001 audit addresses a company's Environmental Management System (EMS), and how to find the right ISO 14001 audit training and inspection service for your company!

How an ISO 14001 Audit Works

There are two types of ISO 14001 audits: internal and external.

Internal ISO 14001 Audit (according to clause 9.2)

Internal audits are typically conducted by an employee of the company. The audit is a 'trial run' and allows the company to prepare for the external audit.

Since it is the company's own employee that is conducting the internal audit, it's a great opportunity to engage employees, managers, and EMS coordinators in the auditing process. Plus, a chance to perfect any imperfections before the external audit! The internal audit process is meant to determine if:

  • Your overall environmental vision is consistent throughout the company;
  • Daily operations conform to set environmental goals;
  • Communication between departmental managers and staff is clear and effective;
  • Corrective actions are being established for non-conformance areas; and
  • Those corrective actions have been put into effect.

External ISO 14001 Audit

An external audit is conducted by an accredited certification body for the purposes of obtaining ISO 14001 certification. A company participates in this program for a number of reasons, including:

  • Improving its environmental risk management;
  • Spurring reductions in waste, energy usage, and carbon emissions;
  • Gaining a competitive edge among suppliers and producers;
  • Attracting larger investment opportunities; and
  • Bolstering employee satisfaction as environmental stewards.

In a growing number of circumstances, companies are requiring their suppliers to be ISO 14001 certified.

How to Find the Right ISO 14001 Audit Training and Inspection Service

Internal Audit Training Classes for Your Company

It is advantageous for your company to have a dedicated EMS manager/coordinator on staff to learn the auditing process.

There are several training programs for EMS managers. This training teaches internal auditors to organize auditing schedules, interviews, and reports - all of which are necessary for conducting an internal audit.

Your EMS manager will be responsible for defining your company's environmental objectives, establishing interdepartmental auditing teams, and reviewing internal audit findings.

In addition, they'll ensure the internal audit is carried out in an effective manner.

Further, the EMS manager will be the company's internal point-person for the external audit team.

External Third-Party ISO 14001 Audit Services

When seeking ISO 14001 certification, either for your company or supply chain, finding an accredited certification outfit is necessary.

Accredited auditors must be trained to carry out all technical aspects of an ISO 14001 audit. Plus, they must exhibit the highest degree of tact and open-mindedness.

Further, they must be able to see 'beyond the checklist' and offer valuable analysis.

To better understand what can be expected with an external audit, check out this article.

How Can QIMA's ISO 14001 Standard Environmental Audits Assist You?

QIMA provides experienced, regionally-based auditors to measure your supply chain's environmental performance against ISO 14001 standards.

Along with an objective evaluation of your manufacturer's environmental performance, our environmental audit report provides you with a point-by-point comprehensive corrective action plan that:

  • Helps improve your manufacturer's daily operations; and
  • Gives them the educational tools to begin realizing 'big picture,' long term environmental goals.

Our online platform and mobile application make it easy for you to book environmental audits and receive your results at any time. Schedule new audits, view pending audits, and access results from your mobile device.

Our online platform provides valuable supply chain insights, including a summary of your quality control activity, all of your supplier’s quality stats, industry benchmarking data, and more.

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With mounting pressure for companies to conform to environmental standards, conducting an internal and third-party external ISO 14001 audit of your company and supply chain is increasingly important.

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