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Brexit Guide for UK Importers and Exporters

Brexit Guide for UK Importers and Exporters

This guide provides clarity on the regulatory impacts of Brexit to help ensure business continuity during this period.

This quick guide will give insight on:

  • UKCA Marking for certain products sold in the UK
  • Changes to regulations and standards
  • Declarations of Conformity for certain products sold in the UK
  • Accepted laboratories post-Brexit
  • Requirements for UK addresses on products sold in the UK
  • Special protocol for Northern Ireland
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Brexit Guide

On January 1, 2021 major changes came into force for UK businesses as the Brexit transition period came to an end and the UK officially left the EU Single Market and Customs Union.

The rules provide added regulatory complexity for importers and exporters doing trade between the UK and EU.

To minimize business disruption and ensure compliance with the new rules, it is important to be aware of how your business and products are affected.

Download our complimentary guide for an overview of the key regulatory changes for UK businesses trading with the EU.

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