UTZ Certification for Coffee and Cocoa

QIMA, through our subsidiary QIMA/WQS, can help your organization demonstrating your commitment to sustainability by achieving UTZ accreditation for coffee and cocoa products.

UTZ Certification for Coffee and Cocoa

To the modern-day consumer, sustainability is more important than ever. Historically, the supply chains of coffee and cocoa had involved exploitative and environmentally destructive practices, which is why today, these products are under more scrutiny than most. Achieving UTZ certification for your coffee and cocoa products is a major step towards establishing an ethical supply chain and demonstrating your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

As a UTZ approved certification body, QIMA-WQS can assess every link of your coffee and cocoa supply chain for compliance with the UTZ Code of Conduct and Chain of Custody standards, and approve your organization to trade UTZ certified products.

What is UTZ Certification?

UTZ is a program and label for sustainable farming. Since 2014, UTZ has been the largest program for sustainable farming of coffee and cocoa in the world, and the UTZ label is featured on over 10,000 products in over 116 countries.

UTZ certification shows consumers that products have been sourced in a sustainable manner, from farm to shop shelf. In order to become certified, UTZ suppliers must follow the UTZ Code of Conduct, which covers such aspects as better farming methods, working conditions, and care for the environment.

UTZ and Rainforest Alliance

In 2008, UTZ merged with Rainforest Alliance to have greater impact and improve cooperation between the many stakeholders of the two schemes. A joint Certification Program by UTZ and Rainforest Alliance is due to be released in June 2020, and to become mandatory in 2021.

Until the new standard is released and during the transition period, the current UTZ and Rainforest Alliance programs continue to run in parallel. QIMA-WQS remains authorized to conduct the audits necessary to assess your organization's compliance with the current UTZ standard.

Why Do You Need UTZ Certification?

  • Demonstrate your brand or organization’s commitment to sustainability
  • Promote human rights, equality and non-discrimination in your supply chain
  • Contribute to environmental protection
  • Optimize sourcing costs by achieving better quality crops and higher yields via improved farming methods